"fun"ctional friday...

this morning as i was unloading the dishwasher i noticed that some of my kitchen items get washed almost EVERY day. ergo... i use them EVERY single day. also was thinking that i didn’t want to do any really heaving thinking today and i bet that you don’t either...

so this blog post was born. 

10 things that i use a lot in my kitchen.

  1. the collection of wooden spoons from pampered chef. i have about 6 of them and sometimes every one of them is in the dishwasher. 
  2. the weird mixing thing that my sister gave me from king arthur flour. it is great for mixing muffin and cake mixes. 
  3. the wooden tongs from pampered chef. because i used to use metal forks to get things out of the toaster but i had a friend who FREAKED OUT when she saw me do that as she was afreared for my life. so i started using these. and i use them to serve bacon, sausage, and other little things. they are great. and they are saving my life.
  4. oil mister. this one is broken and i need a new one. but i keep using this one because it still kind of works. you pump it up and then the oil sprays out. since this one is broken i pump it about 20 times and get one second of spray. then pump it again 20 times. it is like a little arm workout. yipee.
  5. garlic press. i love fresh garlic in things. somebody once told me that freshly pressed garlic is amazingly healthy for you. hope it still maintains its amazing health properties when mixed with all the butter i cook with. sigh.
  6. the microplane grater. is great. i never buy shredded cheese. never. i will break 9.5 commandments today. but i will not buy shredded cheese.
  7. pampered chef’s OLDIE but goodie chopper. i want a new one. but i want a lot of things. this one still works fine. and works all the time. it is the hardest working man in show business.

8. this soup post from le crueset. i bought it at their outlet in yemassee, sc. hometown of my college roomie, robyn. and i use it for EVERYthing. it is a great size and shape and stays out on that burner because i don’t have cabinet space for it. plus it looks nice all orangie in my kitchen. but mostly because i use it almost every day.


9. the utili-tea kettlefrom adagio teas. i heat up the water to the correct temperature and then add tea leaves. harney and sons hot cinnamon spice is my favorite tea. then it seeps for about five minutes. i pour a cup for millie (the “follow jesus” cup. subliminal, yes please) and a cup for myself (the larger “to-go” cup).

10. my milk frother. which is broken but still usable (do you sense a theme amoungst my supplies? broken and usable. hmmm, that speaks to me.) a part broke off and so everyday i have to tighten up the frother part on the bottom and the part on the top. but i do that because i LOVE LOVE LOVE frothy milk in my tea. i use a combo of half and half and skim milk. froth it up by pumping it up and down about a million times (another upper body workout) and add it on top of my hot tea. even with skim milk it makes it thick and whipped creamy like. i also do this for the top of the kids’ hot chocolates or whenever i make chai tea. really, it is exquisite. and fancy. and delicious. and did i mention fancy?

and that is my TOP TEN list of items that are always in my dishwasher. thus always being used. hence most of them are broken and yet still usable. still thinking about that and how it describes so many things in my life... mostly me.

whoops. i wasn’t supposed to think any deep thoughts today...