beach boys...

for maxx’s 14th birthday last week (wednesday to be exact), i took 5 of his friends to the beach for a 24 hour party. 


that felt like 486 hours. because every hour was fraught with danger and the possibility of needing to call 911. which is kind of like EVERY hour of raising a teenage boy. but here i was ALONE with 6 of them.

there was creek jumping... (note, if you are an insurance agent, do NOT look at these photos...

there was FIRE (sparklers)...

and an all out epic water balloon fight that ended up with a smaller death toll than the battle of thermopylae.

all in all we had a GRAND time. and these boys are FUN. very fun. 

sometimes a bit too much fun. as exampled by one of them who after 3 hours at the beach had already gotten EVERY item of clothing that he brought wet and so said that he would just go commando until they all dried. ummm, i think NOT. he wore a towel until i got them out of the dryer. 

but i like maxx’s friends. for a bunch of teenage boys, they were polite. helpful. kind to each other and to me. respectful. and they ate a LOT. and they loved EVERY meal. they played every game with reckless abandon. they ran 5 miles on the beach, swam for hours, and still managed to fall asleep after me. good times.

and i swear that if the disney channel ever got a glimpse of these photos... it would be goodbye jonas brothers HELLO tallahassee teens for a new series of “boy baywatch”. these are some athletic and talented boys. all are cross country runners (the twins’ dad coaches the cross country team (and just try to figure out which two are twins in the group). two of the boys play soccer, 2 play baseball. one does gymnastics. and maxx and wil are the singers and actors of the group. if i was dina lohan, i would be marketing these boys... but i am no dina lohan. thank goodness. their lives can remain rehab center free for a few more years at least... one can hope.