may 27th...

busy and fun day. first i drop everyone off at various and sundry schools over the three hour span of time when they all have to report for duty and educational pursuits. then off for bagels and chat with sally bradshaw. i swear that if sally and i ran the world... we would mess it up. but we would have a good 5-7 year run where it looked like we were doing a good job. she is so super cool. and she worked for george and jeb bush. like did really important things. for our country. and now she eats bagels and chats with me. talk about your life taking a turn for the better.... hee hee.

then off to my last volunteer stint for this school year in the raa guidance department (yes, they let me in there... every week for an hour or so. and they let me answer the phones and talk to people. and shred things. i am an awesome shredder.) 

then lunch with karen rowan. my neighbor. i like to have a neighbor named karen wherever i live. karen and i go to lunch once a year about this time. whether we want to or not. and we always want to. we realize that the year is almost over and we haven’t been “ladies who lunch” for a long time. and so we lunch. and laugh. and compare teenage stories. and promise to lunch again soon. and we will lunch again. next spring. right before school is out when we realize that we haven’t gone all year and we have to get it in before summer. we are smart like that.

then off to pick everyone up from various and sundry schools. 

and then a middle school chorus concert tonight. maxx sang a solo. and his voice gets deeper by the minute. which is cool. and not cool. because it means soon i will have teenage boy stuff to deal with as well as the teenage girl stuff that we got going on over here. my sanctification process may just be speeding up into overdrive. so may my medication needs.