on hold...

who doesn't love anthropologie? the store. not the subject in school.


i love anthropologie. the store. the clothes. the various and sundry stuff inside the store. the smell. the vibe. the original windows. 

i do not love the prices. but all that other stuff that makes up anthropologie... i love all that. love. it. all.

and so does my eldest daughter. who had the chance to visit the anthropologie store in nashville when she and her dad were there exploring belmont university last weekend.

and whilst she was in that lovely anthropologie... as she is wont to do... she tried on some items. some sale items. and she convinced her dad to put those items on hold. so that she might come back and procure those items in the very near future. after she had checked out some other stores and made sure that the anthro items were the best of the best. which really they always are... sigh.

and they were. but they didn't have time to go back to the store. and the next day they didn't go back to that area at all. and they came home with nary an anthropologie bag in sight. and she despaired. 

and you think this is a sad story. but it isn't...

because on valentine's morning her father brought out a familiar bag. an anthropologie bag containing two sale items that he had gone back and purchased unbeknownst to her.

so this story is about a daughter who didn't trust her father. but really it is a story about me. and what i learned from that anthropologie bag in my husband's hand.

i know that God has promised me a lot of things. a lot of things that i know He has put on hold for me. a lot of things that in reality He already purchased for me on a cross. all of His promises are answered "YES" in Christ. but i haven't seen them all answered yet. 

but i picture Him holding a bag. one that is even more beautiful than an anthropologie bag (I KNOW... HARD TO IMAGINE!!!!) He is waiting until the time is fulfilled. until all the pieces are in place. until the day that He has planned from the beginning of time. and His promises are already wrapped up ready to be handed over to me. His beloved daughter. let me trust His Word. His faithfulness. His love. His heart. His grace. His plans.

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful. hebrews 10:23
"Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her!" luke 1:45