spring BREAK!

so we are headed to NYC in the morning... early morning.

our flight is out of atlanta mid morning (frequent flyer miles for all 5 tickets. ka. boom.) so we have to drive to the ATL to fly to the NYC.

i will have reviews of three broadway shows for you upon my return...

once. which i am not seeing. maxx, millie, and adam are seeing that show....


matilda. rosie and i are partaking in this show. still in previews. rumored to be the top tony contender (which i already predicted last may on my blog. i am such a prophet. and i like to see a musical BEFORE it wins a tony just to prove that i can pick a winner.)

and newsies. which we will all see. and which some of us may sing along to since it has been one of our family favorite movies. introduced to us by jojo. a few short years ago when she lived with us... it would only be more perfect if she was going with us. 


i am so excited. i need to start packing though. it might snow. and i am not sure where my winter coat is... i haven't really needed it much this winter in florida. so i am off to search for it. and some thermal underwear. catch all of you cool cats when i return. full of broadway songs... and snowflakes in my hair.