these are not the droids you're looking for...

prom day was saturday for millie... it was going to be her FIRST and LAST dance at leon. she isn't really a dancing queen.

we had found the perfect dress when we were in NYC. at bloomingdales. the HUGE bloomingdales.

she found fun shoes that had heels that lit up when she walked.

we had made a lovely hair piece from a vintage opal brooch.

mani/pedi appointment made. hair stylist consulted. all the pieces in play.

the weather was horrible so i found the perfect alternate location for photos (our BEAUTIFUL church atrium. HUGE shout out to FBC tally for letting me use that space!)

so a few weeks ago (when i was picking up maxx's corsage to give abby at her prom) i ordered millie's corsage. i was telling the very sweet gal taking my order that millie liked things not-so-traditional. a bit quirky. no ribbons. no roses. more modern. unique.

when she asked the date of the event, i answered may 4th. the gal exclaimed, "star wars day."

"YES!" i answered, "millie wishes the whole event was a star wars theme. that would have been so GREAT. she loves star wars. she wants a space themed dorm room next year."

in hindsight i might have OVERSOLD her love of star wars...

because when i picked up the corsage this is what it looked like...


yes. those are darth vadar's on her corsage. and they kind of looking like they might be kissing... 

when i showed it to her i was in tears. i didn't want one more thing to go wrong with her day (it had been a stressful couple of days). when she saw it, she started to laugh. and laughed for a full ten minutes. over the absolute absurdity of a corsage with darth vadars on it. and red jewels to match his eyes.

turns out that the gal that made the corsage is a HUGE star wars fan. she has even done flowers for a star wars themed wedding. a bouquets on light sabers kind of thing.

here are some more photos of this treasure... and adam presenting it to her.

and here are some photos of adam making her a NEW corsage. i found a lovely vintage bracelet and adam attached a small lilly to it. a bit more dressy. and still not the usual corsage. 

she even wore the darth vadar corsage for a little while during the photo session with all her friends. she told the story to EVERYONE and it made the day HILARIOUS. and believe me... she will keep that corsage for the rest of her life. i am buying a shadowbox for it. "millie, it's from your FAAATHER." 

in face remind me to add those darth vadars into her bouquet when she gets married. we will bury them deep inside it.

may the force be with her. and also with you...