things you don't want to see...


...on your kitchen table. because that means that there are firemen in your house. because that means there is a fire in your house. because that means your house has been struck by a bolt of lightening. because that means that your hot water heater was struck by lightening and sent off some lovely fireworks, that hot water heater is now leaking like a sieve and is no longer producing hot water. because that means your phone lines and cable lines are not working. because that means that every TV, phone, VCR, and the PC computer are now “toast” (pun intended). BUT the Mac is fine (sigh of relief), no scrapbooks were injured (big sigh of relief), and kids are all safe (tears of joy). 

also, i called adam when this happened. once i had the kids safely outside and had drug the sorry dog by his collar out of the house where he was cowering under my desk in the room VERY close to the room that i thought was on fire. he said, “do i need to come home?” he is leaving in the morning for 2 weeks in china and was VERY busy wrapping up things at work. not wanting to add to his stress level, i told him that i thought i could handle it and all was fine. obviously he doesn’t trust me and he headed home to check things out for himself. he pulls up to our house and sees THREE fire trucks with lights going, EVERY neighbor we have in the yard, and about half a dozen firemen in and out of the house in FULL gear. he comes in a says, “and you thought i didn’t need to come home for THIS?” 

well, it wasn’t like there was a baby possum on the porch staring at me and freaking me out... that was a REAL emergency.