halloween weekend...

we had a great weekend. halloween, an extra hour, and my favorite song sung @ church.

we had a fun halloween. rosie’s friend, abigail, came over to trick or treat. millie went to a friend’s halloween party in our neighborhood (instead of homecoming @ leon. she says that she isn’t a “dance” girl).

rosie is mater (the tow truck) from the disney movie cars which happens to be her favorite movie. her hat, her shirt and most likely the underwear she has on is also from cars. abigail is french toast and millie is a ceiling fan. i don’t think we have ever “bought” traditional halloween costumes. we usually make them and the kids usually come up with the wacky ideas all by themselves. 

and then we had an extra hour of sleep. i have been SO sleep deprived lately. i sleep REALLY REALLY well (fall asleep fast, dream, get up for a bathroom break or two but go right back to sleep), but i never seem to get enough sleep. if i get 9 or 10 hours, then i feel good for a couple of days, like amazingly good, can conquer the world good. but anything less than that is just not enough and i can’t conquer the soap scum in the bathroom. and really, let’s be honest, who has time for 9 or 10 hours of sleep other than maybe once in a while? ugh. i don’t know what to do because i really am so much nicer with that much sleep and i do need to conquer the soap scum in the bathroom every now and then. 

i guess i am in good company... i am so much like a supermodel (the article says that they are “big sleepers” also). my favorite line in the article is “irresistible daytime sleep attacks” (that so describes what happens to me almost every afternoon after a less than adequate night’s sleep). after some more internet research i learned that 10 hours of sleep was the norm before the electricity invaded our lives... darn that edison. i am just an old fashioned gal with old fashioned sleep needs.

since i have been lacking in the comments area lately (and i do so love love love comments, they are almost as good as a nap), please take a second to comment and let me know what your ideal sleeping number is... maybe i have some “big sleepers” in the crowd.