a future valentine...


this valentine note is for a girl that i know who isn’t getting a valentine card from a sweetheart, or valentine candy or flowers from a beloved boyfriend, or having a special date with anyone this valentine’s day (and even though i won’t be getting a card, or candy, or having a date, it isn’t for me. i got my washing machine fixed by my wonderfully handy husband and he and i will be tacking the laundry, two soccer games, a dessert theater rehearsal, and other saturday tasks together. plus our babysitter, millie, is babysitting for someone else tonight... bummer.)

so today this valentine letter is for a special young girl, a 27 year old girl that i know and love. the girl who speaks sometimes about ALL of her friends being married, or getting married, or having babies and how she is the LAST one left standing alone. she says it with a joking tone, but if you happen to be looking in her eyes when she says it, you can just barely see the questions that lurk deep down there behind the laughter. will i ever be the bride and not the bridesmaid? will i ever be the one honored at the shower and not the hostess of the shower? where is MY valentine? shouldn’t he be here by now buying me candy? (i know she wants some candy).

this is a valentine especially for her. it is a letter from the great guy that i know is out there looking for her (or finishing his internship after medical school and then he will be looking for her) and he just hasn’t found her yet and fallen for her yet because he hasn’t heard her laugh, hasn’t played UNO with her, hasn’t seen her in her cheetah running tights... but once he has done those things, he will be writing her a valentine card that says ALL of these things and much much more.

hey valentine girl,

thank you for being so picky and for not dating ALL those losers you could have dated (and you know who they are). thank you for waiting for me. thank you for trusting God has a plan for your life and seeking His will above anything else. thank you for knowing that His timing is the perfect timing and that He is never late in keeping His promises. thank you for your faithfulness to Him. it speaks volumes of your character and your commitment. it is the main reason why i fell in love with you.

thank you for keeping busy while you waited. for using your time so wisely. for having so many friends and being such a good friend to them all. for being an excellent worker at your job. for working with high school girls and being such a good example to them at your church. for being involved in your church family and being so accountable to others. that is very impressive and speaks a lot to the type of woman, wife, and mother you are going to be.

thank you for how FUN you are. how you make everything so exciting. you can make the dreariest day brighter. our lives won’t always be sunshine, roses, and candy (sorry, to burst your bubble on that notion)... but you will make it feel like that. you have that kind of spirit. 

thank you for dressing so darn cute and modestly. and WOW those tights and boots are REALLY HOT (okay, maybe not the MOST modest choice, but i do thank you for wearing them). you always look so pulled together and you take care of  yourself very well but not to excess. you are just the right amount of maintenance (not high maintenance and not neglectful). i really appreciate that about you (and did i mention the fishnet tights with the boots? i really appreciate that about you too.) 

thank you for your family relationships. for honoring your mother and father. for being best friends with your sisters. for loving to do things with your family. i can’t wait for us to be a family just like them. for us to enjoy being together and to enjoy doing things with them. your laugh is just like your moms and when you all play games together... well, i fear for my life. i can’t wait to beat you all at UNO and yet, i don’t know if i will survive that day.

thank you most of all for introducing me to the marshall family. i was a bit concerned when you made me go to their house for the first time. i wondered why in the world did you practically LIVE with these people (though seeing that beach house did make me understand a little bit). how in the world could one of your closest friends be a middle age woman with a husband and three kids (albeit they are WONDERFUL KIDS and she is really HOT HOT HOT for a middle age woman). but after meeting them, i understand the friendship and see how it has enriched your life and hers (and mine as well). and WOW, that lea marshall is a GREAT cook. and i hear that she already has a gift for your lingerie shower in her top dresser drawer. she is such a planner! she told me that whenever she opened the drawer she prayed for me to hurry up so she could meet me and then one day give you the gift at your lingerie shower which she will be throwing for you (most likely so she could have more room in her top dresser drawer). sometimes she scares me more than the thought of beating your family at UNO.

so happy valentine’s day my dear one. i can’t wait to make your dreams come true. especially that one about honeymooning in a little cabin at a state park where you have to sweep the “mattress” off with a broom before you lay your sleeping bag on it and you have to walk a half mile to the bathroom facility. lea told me that was your fondest dream and i intend to make it come true on our honeymoon bicycle trip across the southern states...