may the fourth be with you...

funny story. my brother jeff lost his sunglasses in the summer two summers ago. then last summer my nephew found said sunglasses in the ocean and returned them to him. a bit the worse for their year in the deep.

but my brother cleaned them. and had new lenses put in them. and here they are before and after....

which leads me to today’s “things i love”.

my brothers. max (the older one) and jeff (the baby).

my brothers are both VERY different from each other (and from most of the rest of the world) BUT they are great brothers, great uncles, and great men of God. there is nothing they wouldn’t do for their sisters or their nieces and nephews. including, but not limited to... wheelbarrow races in their church pants (max in above photos) and driving many many hours to attend the baptisms of two nieces and one nephew this past weekend (the reason jeff is in the photos taken on sunday). i had no idea he was coming to town for the baptism and i didn’t see him until i came to the pew where we were all sitting in church after i finished taking photos during the baptism. and i was glad that the pew with my family (and dad and jeff were now there also) was full and i had to sit on the pew in front of them because i may or may not have been a little teary eyed when i saw my baby brother there. knowing that he had driven a long long way after a busy busy work week as the ceo of a hospital (i know!?!??!? how did he get that old to have a real job like that?!?!?!?) and as the father of two little girls who keep him very very busy (good thing dean can handle just about anything on her own). 

 i LOVE being a little sister (to max) and a big sister (to jeff).