election night dinner...

well, we have certainly done our part for america by eating a totally republican dinner. ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can eat for your country....

or something like that.

kung P.O.W. chicken...

quite tasty. 

here is the recipe...

i made a TON of extra sauce. it would not have been enough sauce. i also made a big bowl of stir fry veggies (from the freezer section) to make it a bit more healthy and filling... and so i didn’t have to make any side dishes. that baked alaska was time consuming enough without that AND side dishes too!

here is me and the baked alaska before browning it in the oven. the pictures of it after the oven browning look exactly the same, but i don’t look as cute, so you don’t get to see those.

here is the recipe for the baked alaska.

though i will tell you all it entails is a cake with ice cream on top, covered in meringue, frozen, then baked for about 10 minutes. lots of steps, tastes like ice cream and cake and meringue. 

maybe in 4 years someone from boston will run and i can make a boston cream pie.... yummy.

of course dinner included the greene girls. they are a monday night treat for us all. i would have them over every week EVEN if they didn’t do the dishes. but thank goodness they do the dishes. lots of dishes. that kung P.O.W. chicken took a LOT of pots. sarah washed them all. meghan dried them all. i put them all away.

really, everyone should have a greene girl in their life. but you can’t have any of mine. 

i might even add another greene girl next year... i am patiently waiting until december to hear if the third greene girl is coming to fsu and to dinner once a week. she can sweep and mop after dinner.

 i had two bags of fortune cookies, one marked D for if the democrat wins the election and one marked R for if the republican wins.

here were my two fortunes...

from the D bag... “others admire your generosity” (perhaps because i am paying more taxes?)

from the R bag... “yes, go ahead with confidence”