life with a hearing impaired son...

dinner conversation tonight...

me: maxx, how were the rockets today?

maxx: i didn’t see them.

me: yes, you did. 

maxx: (very matter of fact) no, i’ve never seen them.

me: yes, you did at you boy scout meeting today you shot off your rockets that you made.

maxx: ooh, those rockets. i thought you meant the ROCKETTES. i haven’t ever seen them.

(he is hearing impaired and a bit metrosexual)


5 minutes later.

me: how was the reid’s party? (harrison reid lives behind us and is makes best friend and they had the coolest pacman party last night. he is the boy on the bike in the red shirt).

rosie: it was fun.

me: as fun as the parties we do over here? (seeking validation)

rosie: no, you do better parties. (good girl)

me: yeah, i throw a better party!

maxx: (very interested) someone threw up at the party?!?!

(cancel the metrosexual, he is just a 10 year old boy who likes to talk about throw up)