my job description...


ok, so we LOVE this wet erase black board in our kitchen. everyday, i put on the kids meal jobs on it...

lunches= make the lunches for the next day, 

host= dinner host, sets tables and helps me cook, 

and clean up= clear the table and help clean up the kitchen. 

i also put on special instructions and today i had the kids after school activities on the board. well, rosie decided to write in adam’s and my daily instructions...

notice that adam’s says WORK and mine says LOVE. isn’t that so great- my job description is to LOVE! i hope i do a good job today, i hope that at the end of the day i can say that i did my job to the best of my ability.

i am glad that this is how she sees my days, spent in love. i hope this is how i see my days. 




PTO tasks=love,

taking time to walk and take care of my health=love,

picking up carpool=love, 

taking everyone where they need to go=love.

hope that you have a lovely day, i know that i will.