an ode to wall-e...

as you all have figured out, i am NOT one of those christians without a t.v. and i LOVE the movies. i love g rated movies, pg movies, pg-13 movies, and even (shudder here) the occasional r rated movie.

i think i could make a convincing argument for for the idea that if jesus was in human form walking the earth today, he would be telling parables through the art of movie making. 

he most likely would be working for pixar.

though he might have helped with some of r rated movies such as... man on fire.

and click here to read this and see how i am NOT alone in this idea...

this is NOT an endorsement for you all to go and rent man on fire because it is turn your stomach violent. just read the article that other guy wrote and consider the message.

OK, now on to a more current movie... pixar’s latest offering... wall-e (i so wish i could make a little circle instead of a dash between the l and the e in wall-e, but i cannot).

now if you like your movie experiences to be TOTAL surprises, then read no further. there are SPOILERS in this entry and you will even find out the ending of wall-e. but one caveat... if you don’t read the rest and you go to see the movie BY ALL MEANS STAY THROUGH THE CLOSING CREDITS and then come back and read this entry...

now if you are one of those christians who say, “i never go and see movies, i prefer to read the Bible all day and not participate in anything fantasy related and i save my money to go to mission work.” why are you reading my blog anyway? but you can continue reading. and then go back to your Bible study and mission work. because someone needs to be doing those things and i am too busy watching movies and blogging, so thanks for taking up my slack. your reward is in heaven. you will be able to see wall-e in the heavenly theaters where the popcorn is free and has NO fat even though it is slathered with butter and you can have all the milk duds your heart desires. jesus loves milk duds. i read it in the message. 

here are the reasons that i want to hold hand with wall-e as much as he wanted to hold hands with eva. 

and by the way, i have read the commentary that wall-e promotes androgynous relationships. WHAT?!?!?!? did they miss the whole part where eva carried life in her belly (and no she and wall-e are not having a baby, it is a fairly chaste relationship. they hold hand and exchange one kiss like thing. she puts a plant in her belly and it makes TOTAL sense in the movie, though it is a great analogy for pregnancy).

onto the reasons i loved the movie wall-e...

1) the way that when he powers up, he sounds exactly like my mac powering up (a little ode to apple and it made me laugh)

2) the incredible way that wall-e cared for eva even when she was comatose (and had life in her belly). there have been moments in my marriage when i have felt a bit comatose (and three of them were when i was pregnant). and adam totally would have held an umbrella over my head even though he was struck by lightning. (thanks meghan for giving me the 411 on the idea of the roles in marriage being shown in this movie.)

3) i got a huge laugh when they showed all the babies in daycare because everyone is too busy to raise their children and those daycare babies are being indoctrinated by some einstein baby like video. which is even funnier because i think that disney owns baby einstein. 

4 )the little opening movie about a magician and a rabbit is HILARIOUS! 

5) the idea that it wasn’t global warming that made humans leave the planet (what i expected), but instead it was our own laziness, over consumption, and excess. and that doesn’t change even after they left the planet. the humans were still involved in those same things on their space ship UNTIL they decided there was something more than EASY and that maybe “doing something hard” might mean really living... instead of sipping all their meals through a straw, riding around in mobile lazyboy loungers constantly chatting on video pods, and changing their clothing colors to be “in”. i loved that pixar really hit the audience over the head with this issue. i need to get out of my lazy boy and be hit over the head with this 5 times daily.

6) and the BEST part of the entire move (like most pixar movies) is what they do during the credits. i knew to stay because the part during the credits in the movie “cars” was so funny and i knew it would be something funny.

but pixar really pulled out something special with this movie. they actually do a little homage to the history of art while showing how the humans rebuilt civilization on the earth. it began with cave like drawings, went to egyptian murals, tile and mosaic art, pencil drawings, and on to impressionism. very cool and perfect of a lover of the arts like yours truly. 

but i actually had to read this article to truly appreciate how much thought went into this closing. 

exit art for a film: the american scene. and if you don’t want to read the whole article, here is a summation... they didn’t use any modern art (after world war 2) because that kind of art represents deconstructionism and they were using art as a metaphor for the rebuilding that was going on and the people going through relearning how to create civilization and that means rediscovering art. 

here is the quote that i really liked from that article about the art...

Now, the latest thing to blow my mind about this sequence was the realization that these moving paintings could represent more than cool metaphors, and actually represent the paintings of the recolonizing humans themselves, for whom the relearning of art was just as integral to their recovery of their humanity (in the image of God, if you’d like to go there) as was the relearning of technology.

sometimes i am way too geeky for my own good. that might have been one of those moments. 

now back to your very shallow blogger hostess...