When you sell a man a book 

you don't sell just twelve ounces of paper & ink & glue - 

you sell him a whole new life.  

Love and friendship and humour 

and ships at sea by night - 

there's all heaven and earth 

in a book, a real book. 

{Christopher Morley}

if there is one thing we have a plentitude of round these parts... is books.

and leftovers. but i did clean out the fridge today. so books is the topic of this post.

and so we are having a book sale tomorrow. 

10 a.m. till 2 p.m.

every book is a dollar. one little dollar. for all that reading pleasure. it should be illegal. but i don’t think it is. and if it is illegal... don’t tell me until after 2:00 pm.

and of course, we have gone all out on the decor for the sale. i thought with the weather changing every 5 minutes that to set all the books outside was asking for a sudden shower. so kids books in the playroom and adult books in the family room. enter in the side door and then exit out the front past our able bodied check out gal (rosalea). 

the kids have had fun purging off of their shelves and helping me with set up and signage. i had fun finding great quotes about books to display through the two sale rooms. and we have the chalkboard door in the playroom for people to chalk in their favorite book.

and we will all have fun deciding what to do with the FRILLIONS of dollars that we are sure to make.

perhaps we will go out to dinner. a rare treat round these parts (hence all those leftovers). i don’t think we have been out to eat as a family since january (for rosie’s birthday treat) and that would be a nice reward for their labor. and wouldn’t create any more leftovers. because i cannot look another leftover in the face. and some of them were growing faces, if you know what i mean...

but back to the book sale...

if you are a blog reader and would like to come to the “sale of the century” and don’t actually know where i live, then email me (see the “email me” button at the bottom of this page) and i will send you directions to the house.

There is no Frigate like a Book

by emily dickenson

There is no Frigate like a Book

To take us Lands away

Nor any Coursers like a Page

Of prancing Poetry—

This Traverse may the poorest take

Without oppress of Toll—

How frugal is the Chariot

That bears the Human soul.