may 11th...

i love long time friendships.

24 years. maybe longer. i don’t do math. i think math should grow up and solve its own problems (which is a line i totally stole from a facebook group that maxx joined this weekend.) anyway there is just something so cool about going to new york with my college roommate and her daughter. someone who has literally watched me grow into who i am, someone who has greatly influenced (for the better) who i am. it is a wonderful thing in life to have a close friend who is also your role model and mentor. 

proverbs 20 says that you can “become wise by walking with the wise”. that is why i like to hang out with dina.

she may kill me for using this photo of her, but it might be my favorite photo that i took in nyc. which by the way... wasn’t a difficult choice. i didn’t take many photos. my camera was not working well (i took it in today and it has been fixed). but my go-to lens (the “good lens” as we all refer to it) has to be sent off for some tlc. it has stopped focusing correctly. ugh... but i am not too worried about the photography from the trip. dina had her camera and i think she got some good photos. and if she forgives me for posting this photo of her, she will link me to her web gallery and i can use all of her photos. if... 


but i did get this one photo of dina laughing. which wasn’t difficult either. we spent a lot of time laughing together on this trip. while our daughters rolled their eyes and tried to walk an appropriate distance away from us. whatever. 

of course amidst the laughter that was the moment when she also told me i was aging and going deaf. which may or may not be true. because if i was really going deaf then i wouldn’t have heard her comment about me going deaf, now would i? so there.