may 13th...

first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ADAM. of course, where he is (korea) it is almost the 14th so his birthday is just getting started here and ending there. thus he doesn’t have to advance in age AND i don’t have to get him a gift because it is like it never happened. anyway isn’t being married to me is like a gift that keeps on giving? isn’t it sweetie? he can’t answer because he is in korea and i think the government there has blocked my blog for political reasons. but if he could answer, he would say “YES” because it is true-ish and because he hates it when i spend $$$ and not buying him a gift is the frugal thing to do. and he is always wanting me to do the frugal thing. i LOVE LOVE LOVE my husband. but that isn’t my LOVE LOVE LOVE thing for today.


this photo was taken by meghan greene while she “watched” my two youngest children this past weekend. i think since they were jealous that millie and i were seeing mary poppins, they decided to re-enact a popular song from that play “a spoonful of sugar”. whatever. it didn’t matter to me. i only knew that if rosalea ate that spoonful of sugar that meghan would be the one reaping the consequences. 

so here is what i LOVE LOVE LOVE for today... someone who takes better care of your kids than you do. which in the case of last weekend was meghan. she had to make 3 trips to church on sunday morning. one to take rosie to sing in the early service with her choir. two to pick her up because not enough kids showed up to sing in the early service (meghan was a better mom than most of the moms of our church) and then trip three was with maxx and rosalea for regular church time. and then she really took the whole thing over the top by taking them to the bmx biking track over at tom brown park. overachiever. three church trips AND the bmx park?!?!? really, how am i a mere mortal mother supposed to compete with that kind of servitude and dying to self?

rosalea has been DYING to go to the bmx track. DYING and CRYING and long suffering SIGHING to go. and on sunday, her dreams came true and she and maxx went. and did they ever get their money’s worth (b.t.w. it is free). they biked and biked and biked. up and down those clay hills a frillion times. around the track over and over. for 2 and 1/2 hours they biked. meghan read a book and “watched” them (if “watched” has an alternate meaning of “napped in the sun”). which was fine by me. when i talked to them on the phone that night, rosie was so tired she forgot to tell me about the bmx biking. and then she was so tired she cried after we hung up because she had forgotten to tell me about the bmx biking. she went to bed fairly early that night, i would guess. because meghan is patient and kind and long suffering. but she is no fool. she knows when a girl needs to go to bed.

of course every day since that one rosalea has asked when we are going back to the bmx park. i told her that only meghan knows where it is.