may 1st...

just to clarify...

when i said EVERY day in may, i meant EVERY week day. but since may starts on a weekend, i will do a little saturday update for youse guys (said like i was from pittsburgh. but i am not. but my husband is. so i borrowed that from him. and now i will give it back.)

on today’s agenda... two soccer games, make a key lime pie for a family luncheon tomorrow  where we will celebrate my sister’s children ALL being baptized tomorrow (and of course i am the photographer for the baptism event), and take some prom photos tonight for some fun youth from church. and a baby shower for the first engaged couple that i ever photographed. over 4 years ago.... 

darryl and lynne mikulec. they were in our sunday Bible study class for many many many years. and darryl interned with adam at GTO and lynne is a teacher. they are so much fun. and i can’t wait to see skinny lynney all pregnant. are a few of the photos from the VERY first engagement photo session that yours truly ever shot! yeah, i see a big improvement in my work since then. but it was lynne and darryl who asked me and trusted me enough for me to take their engagement photos. and they actually liked them! serendipitous for sure. perhaps miraculous. certainly a path that God had been preparing for me. and i truly do “feel His pleasure” when i am taking photos.

isn’t it amazing the “first time” that you do something that will end up being a HUGE part of your life. i had never thought of myself as a “photographer”. and truth be told, i really don’t think of myself like that much now. i just like taking pictures. of people in love with each other, with a newborn baby, with life. i like to capture “real life”. the interruptions as well as the planned events. they are all life. i love this quote by clivey staples lewis (yes, i have nicknames for all the great thinkers that i “think” i am friends with. don’t you?).

The great thing, 
if one can, is to stop regarding all the unpleasant things 
as interruptions of one's own or real life. 
The truth is of course that what one call the interruptions 
are precisely one's real life - 
the life God is sending one day by day.
{c.s. lewis}

so what will may bring? things i love. in photos and words. interruptions, planned events. and my real life... the one God is sending me day by day. in may.