hi ho. it's off to camp we go...

and by “WE” i mean the three marshall spawn. i took them up last weekend to camp crestridge (girls) and ridgecrest (boys). the photo is off maxx and two of his FAVORITE camp friends, simeon and samuel.


and the funny thing is he became friends with simeon before i knew that simeon was the son of chip buhler, a boy that i grew up with at first baptist. and samuel is his brother (the older one in the middle). and they are both the grandsons of our associate pastor at fbc, fran buhler and his lovely wife, nancy. nancy is the BOMB. she used to be my counselor at youth camp and she is the loveliest lady and the most fun and i am going to lunch with her today and i am going to be her when i grow up.

anyway. the buhlers took maxx and dropped him off at camp (i did come over to say goodbye) while i was dropping the girls at camp and getting their beds made and settling them in. maxx doesn’t really need “settling in”. what he needs is for me to leave him alone quickly after a little hug because camp is his mostest favoritest place in the world. 

rosalea has a upper bunk and we filled it with cars sheets and she was thrilled. her bunk is right by a HUGE name (old campers sign the walls, my name is up in some cabins) JENNIFER LAMB. and we used to carpool to school with the lambs for ummm, like 10 years of my life. so that was neat to see.

so if you are doing the math you realize that all three kids are gone and i am home ALONE all day. and with ADAM ALONE once he gets home. we are doing a little bathroom remodel project. eating out some. and watching a lot of movies. and that is really about it. very very nice. very very relaxing. hgtv is addicting.

this afternoon (after my lunch which will propel me closer to my goal of being nancy buhler) i am heading out of town with my dad and sister to go to a funeral in columbia, sc. the funeral is for a lady who used to work with my dad and i used to work in her offices in the summer. a sweet sweet patient lady who taught me that kathmandu was in nepal and that nepal was at the base of mt. everest and that mt. everest was not in america. i wasn’t that good at geography. but she was good at geography and traveling and being smarter than me and she still let me answer her phones and make a killer scrapbook for her company (oh, i started scrapbooking young). and she had a daughter one year older than i am and a son who invented some computer thing that has made him famous but i don’t even know what the thing is that he invented. the daughter went to harvard and her daughter was nice and even talked with me even though she knew i had NO idea that mt. everest wasn’t in the united states. so i need to honor that by attending her mother’s funeral. which isn’t in nepal, but in columbia. which is good because i am fairly sure that we couldn’t drive to nepal.