another day with my mother...

it got pretty touch and go last night so we all stayed at hospice overnight. mom is continuing to steadily go deeper and deeper into a coma and we continue to hold her hand and hold each other’s hands (and nap on each other’s shoulders). 

we will not leave her, we will not rest until she enters her Rest, we will stay because my father stays and we will not leave him, we will not rest until he rests. they both stayed up PLENTY of nights with us, can we do any less?

i am home to shower (and everyone at hospice supports that decision) and take a little nap in a BED- really, i can hardly imagine that people don’t sleep on couches, floors, and lazyboys since my last 10 nights have included trying to sleep in all three of those places (emphasis on the words TRYING TO SLEEP). my sister and i have discovered the joys of late night TV (and the sorrows of our brother finding some WEIRD science fiction channel and making us watch that with him).

"The Bible tells us that we are God's masterpieces (poiema in Greek);

not only creatures, but his creations, his poems (Ephesians 2:10).

We are living epistles (2 Corinthians 3:3).

And so, our lives are meant to be listened to,

because it is God who is speaking into and out of and through the symphony of the years,

and the masterpiece of a lifetime."

~Michael Card

we have loved sitting at hospice this past few days listening to everyone’s stories of mama as they visited with us. God is speaking through the masterpiece of her lifetime. we are still up there to listen to how He ends this part of the story. i do so love a good ending. i have stayed up in the night to get to the ending of a book. i can endure to see the ending of this great lifetime story of my mom’s journey from here to a glorious eternity...

 my  mother teaching my children about shells at the beach.

my mother teaching my children about shells at the beach.

thank you to all who are reading, who are praying, who are crying with us, who know that there will be rejoicing in heaven upon her arrival, to all those who mourn with much hope, we feel your presence, more importantly we feel His presence, it is enough...