is it hot in here...

really? is this some kind of joke? on the busiest day in the busiest month. leading up to a weekend that is packed so full that a gnat couldn’t squeeze in between events. it is on this day that rosalea wakes up with a fever. a high fever. she was perfectly fine last night. ate well. played basketball in the driveway until it was dark. folded her laundry. no hint of a fever lurking behind that cars t.shirt and steeler baseball cap on her head.

on a day when i saved ALL the stuff i have to do into one massive running around day (so that i didn’t make lots of little trips and waste gas all week). really, i wasn’t planning on being home any today. from 9 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. i am booked solid. well, i WAS booked solid is a more accurate statement. 

a fever is a fever is a fever. and as tightly as i hold onto my plans God likes to pry them out of my hands sometimes. just to remind me that He is God. and His plans are better than mine (but mine were really really really good and were color coded on the schedule and printed out and sometimes laminated). He likes to remind me often that He is Sovereign and Wiser and All-Knowing and a lot of ALL-other things too. sometimes He reminds me a couple of times a day. He is a very persistent Teacher. really likes the hands on lessons. 

which reminds me of this quote which i like to say to OTHER people and occasionally need to say it to myself...

“God has a character goal for you to attain in this life, 
and by His unrelenting grace and mercy you are going to get there.” 
{paul tripp}

seems my character goal might be to NOT THINK I AM IN CONTROL. and i guess i haven’t reached it yet because i am not in heaven and He is continually reminding me that He is working here in my life. doing a little deconstruction and reconstruction and that He is building something beautiful. 

here are few more gems from mr. tripp that i might want to memorize (b.t.w.he has the bushiest mustache that i have EVER seen. it looks like a caterpillar has taken up residence on his upper lip. is that why he is so wise? i have no hope then)...

The question is not, When will we get what we are waiting for?,but What we will become as we wait?

My greatest problem isn’t external, environmental, and circumstantial. It’s internal, personal, and moral.

We cannot change anyone’s heart—

we’re just tools of change in the hands of a powerful, wise, and loving Redeemer.

When we attempt to do God’s job and change someone's heart, 

we only cause frustration to ourselves and pain to the other person.

Eight control issues we all struggle with: 

1) You Will Be Confronted with Your Lack of Control, 

2) You Will Wish You Had More Power

3) You Will Be Tempted to Think Your World Is Out of Control, 

4) You Will Fear the Power of Another

5) You Will Be Tempted to Question God’s Wisdom and Love, 

6) You Will Think That Rest Requires Understanding

7) Someone Else’s Life Will Look Better Than Yours, 

8) But…You Will Reach a Place of Greater Rest in God’s Rule

As God continues to mature you, you will repeatedly run through this cycle. 

At no point will He leave you alone to flounder.

Admitting your limits is not a sign of weakness. It is an essential ingredient of mature faith.

He knows this is hard; He lived it. He invites you to stop trying to figure it out--just sit at his feet & learn his mysteries.

We are called to wait because God is sovereign: we are not writing our own stories.

We are called to wait because God is a God of grace: 

it’s not only about the end of the wait. It’s about what you become as you wait.

We are called to wait for the increase of God’s glory: In waiting I surrender my glory and submit to his.

Realize That Waiting Is Active: It is positive, purposeful & spiritual, 

the activity of remembering who I am and who God is.

Do not be content with avoiding, surviving, or regretting the darkness. 

You are called to shine redemptive light into the darkness.