sunday in the mighty manhattan...

so our last day began with the usual bagel and sandwiches for the day made. then off in the subway to the natural history museum. we planned to be there when it opened at 10 BUT because of the weekend subway schedule and having to change subways a couple of times AND making a mistake and getting on an express... well, let’s just say that it took a lot longer than anticipated.

we arrived at about 11, went and saw a few different areas (we let rosie pick because animals are her THING). we ate our sandwiches on the front steps (a nyc theme for us is sandwiches on steps of museums) and then saw a few more rooms in that HUGE place. we then subwayed it over to our last musical, shrek.

i had heard good things about shrek and it really was much better than i anticipated. we wanted to see it because sutton foster was in it and we have seen her in a few different broadway plays and LOVE her. but unfortunately her understudy was playing her part in this matinee. but her understudy was REALLY great. all of the characters were really well done. so funny and the effects, costumes, and songs are really top notch! so another winner in our book. 

after the musical we hoofed it over to another one of our favorite reasonably priced restaurants in the city, ollie’s noodle shop. we met my cousin jan for dinner. she works as a guidance counselor in a HUGE manhattan high school. she used to work as a guidance counselor in atlanta in gwinnett county when we lived in atlanta. she moved to nyc when her daughter came up there for college. she is so much fun and we love seeing her and hearing all about her city life.

then it was time to head back to the apartment to pack and get everything ready to leave early the next morning. so sad, but as maxx said, “new york city is a lot like africa.” then he started singing these lines from the lion king, “more to see than can ever been seen, more to do than can ever be done...” and then we all chimed in “it’s the circle of life...” well, it was a nice moment. 

and a nice trip, and a great family to travel with. and a husband who can figure out how to get anywhere in nyc and who wants to walk there NO MATTER how far it may be.